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Anything is achievable if you focus on your goals and believe in yourself. Unfortunately many of us doubt ourselves and sabotage our chances of success by letting our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs hold us back.Mary-chapman-success-coach-cardiff-penarth-cowbridge-barry

At other times we may be so wrapped up in our hectic day-to-day working lives that even though we are always busy and exhausted we realize that we are actually no closer to achieving our goal.

Successful people never lose sight of their goal but take steps towards it every day. You too can be successful – there is no magic ingredient that is out of your reach.

Lantern Life Coaching Penarth will work with you to identify your goals and ensure they match your values and lifestyle. When we have looked at where you want to be, we will look at how to get you there.

Using non-directive questioning to clarify your goals, non-judgemental support all the way to motivate you to take action and skilled mind focusing techniques to help you explore how to achieve success, Lantern Life Coaching will light your way to a more successful and fulfilling future.

In anything between two to four one hour, one to one sessions, you will feel inspired to be successful, confident in your ability to achieve success and clear about what you need to do in order to be a success.

Why waste another moment? Book your first session now and see how soon success can be in your grasp.

Sessions cost £40 per hour. When you book four sessions you can get a discounted rate of £120.

Please call Mary Chapman at Lantern Life Coaching Penarth and Cardiff now on 07896 810870 to book your first session.


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